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The Government sponsorship programme can be very difficult to navigate. Find out more here on how to help.


Donating through the major national and international charity routes is still the most effective way to help.

A shared resource for those who want to help

UK Support for Ukraine has been developed as a resource for those who want to help the people of Ukraine. It’s a signposting site, developed by volunteers who are professional communicators. 

A portal of information, knowledge, advice and contacts, the site is in its very early stages. The objective now is to encourage others to send us their own experiences and contacts, building a resource that makes helping both straightforward and effective.

We’d like to connect people who want to help whether through funding and delivering aid or connecting with refugees who need homes here in the UK.

We have no idea if the site can be useful – but like so many others we wanted to be proactive to help the Ukrainian people and, in our experience, the information and advice is fractured. Its success is totally dependent on shared information and support.

Ultimately, we hope that the site can be shut down as the Ukrainian people return to their homes with peace restored and begin to rebuild their country.

Why did we set up UK support for Ukraine?

At the beginning of the crisis the news bulletins featured tens of thousands of women and children fleeing Ukraine, leaving their homes and their families. They were beyond harrowing.  My 26-year-old son, Jack, decided he wanted to help by taking a van load of aid to the Ukrainian/Polish border. 

Organising that van and the journey should have been straightforward but every small step raised a host of questions. We found the answers, but the process was time-consuming and, twice, we came close to aborting the trip. It occurred to me, that at a time when so much needs to be done, and quickly, there is no network of information, advice or contacts. Everyone is undertaking the same research over and over again. 

Then the Government’s ‘Homes for Ukraine’ sponsorship scheme was launched. While the theory is great, the reality is flawed. Sponsors and refugees have to find each other, complete visas and arrange travel with no formal engagement network or practical support. This means only a fraction of the role we should be fulfilling as an international community will be viable.

As a team of PR consultants, we felt we could provide a community platform for those looking to support the Ukrainian people. 

It’s only a starting point, and we’re hoping others will get involved, offering information, tips, contacts and support. We would also be delighted to hand the management of the site over to a new volunteer team to take the next step.

Through this site there are particular areas where we really need help. 

They are highlighted by this symbol. Please keep an eye out for it and get in touch if you can help u

This website is run by volunteers and the community. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of any information.
It’s a portal for shared experiences and for signposting and as such, we hope it helps you in support of Ukrainian refugees.
Please verify any information personally and let us know if we have anything wrong.

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